About Me

I'm pretty sure I was born a picky eater - as a child I think the list of foods I would not eat was longer than the ones I would. Then I decided to stop eating meat when I was a teenager - which was pretty damn funny, because at the time I did not eat vegetables as a general rule. I wasn't a vegetarian, I was a carb-etarian - subsisting on white rice and bread...

That vegetarian "phase" has now lasted more than half my life. But I do eat vegetables now! My cooking journey began early in my married life, mostly because I was too poor to eat out and I couldn't find a good bowl of vegetarian hot and sour soup in all of Phoenix.

That has been my general M.O. for food adventures: I taste something new and great, and I want to replicate it myself. Back in the day, that took research and the library - but now we have the wide wide world of web! And in the spirit of karma-pay-it-forward-thanks for all the great recipes I've found, I want to share all that research and trial-and-error with you, while also dragging you along on my new adventures.

Eat well, and often,