Monday, November 8, 2010

Newsflash: I Can't Say "I Hate Beets" Anymore!

I have believed for over thirty years that beets are a scourge upon this earth. Ancient peoples would have been better off eating the dirt straight instead as far as I'm concerned.

Enter Erin (of Cafe Solstice) and her "Hummus Royale." It's simply her hummus recipe with beets substituted for garbanzo beans. And it's simply, ridiculously, delicious. I feel like the world has turned upside down. It's just not right! But it tastes too good to be wrong...


  1. I too have had a life-long loathing of beets...this has me curious though. I'm assuming the recipe calls for fresh beets?

  2. Yes, fresh beets that have been boiled until tender...Val has been posting about a beet burger recipe - I'm thinking about trying that sometime soon now too! Crazy!