Monday, November 15, 2010

Espresso and Self-Esteem

I am knee-deep in soup-making at 10 a.m. when the phone rings...
Thanks for calling Cafe Solstice, this is Liz speaking.
I'm looking for a coffee shop. That is open right now. Are you open?
Yes, we are open.
Do you have espresso?
Why, yes we do.
What kind of coffee, and what machine do you have?
We use Lavazza Tierra espresso, and let me go see what the machine is...It's a "La San Marco."
Oh good - a real espresso machine! Do you have a barista who knows how to use it?
Well. I guess by your laugh that you don't.
I have been trained, but I am open to any suggestions you might have for me.
So, what, you don't like coffee?
Actually, I love coffee.
You must not really, if you had to go look to see what kind of machine you use.
Well, my personal preference is a cup of French press.
Interesting. I'll be in soon to torture you.
I am recounting this conversation to Erin and Michelle moments later when the caller walks in. He grills the three of us collectively and after I answer a question correctly about crema, he says:

You could be a barista, but you need some confidence. You must have a self-esteem problem. There are stacks of books that can help with that issue. I used to be that way - but now I love myself! I think I’m great!

(Yeah, buddy...I bet you do!)


  1. Liz: Keri & I are saying "that can't be true" but we also aren't sure how you could have made up a story that nuts. I mean, really? -CB

  2. Liz! That totally just made my day! And I can't believe I missed that...I was there for so long yesterday :)

  3. I have soooo much to learn about coffee & espresso (crema?!?). At least the guy was aware enough to know he was torturous!

    I really must pay a visit to Cafe Solstice very soon (I keep saying that!)...