Monday, December 6, 2010

How do you say in Spanish, "Deep Frying is not the same as Roasting?"

In my quest for not-canned roasted green chiles for my Veggie Verde recipe, Russ and I went to the Rancho Market connected to the Latino Mall in West Valley yesterday.

A very helpful employee said he could roast some Anaheims for us while we waited. He had me put the amount I wanted in a bag, and proceeded to go behind a cafe counter to "roast" them for us. (Side note: I told him I wanted about 3 pounds. I filled a bag, and he weighed them. The amount I chose was EXACTLY three pounds. The guy was so impressed that he grabbed the produce stocker to witness my skillz. They were talking about me in Spanish. I have no idea what they were saying. Probably that I must be a Federal Weights and Measures Spy or something....)

Anyhoo, THIS was what he proceeded to tell the (female employee) do to the chiles....

Ummmmm. Yeah. And I just just watched them take fried chicken out of that vat of oil. I didn't know what to do. The skins did blister nicely, and they were easy to peel, after I soaked all the oil off of them with paper towels. So, I have three cups of diced green chiles in my fridge if anyone wants them!

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