Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Spicy Long Weekend...(Get yer mind outta the gutter!)

So, on our snow day last week (Wednesday), I was making Tunisian Pumpkin Soup and had a big problem...I couldn't find the nutmeg. I looked in the spice cupboard and the spice bin in the other cupboard. I had to dump out the whole bin. You see, if you follow my advice for spices, you end up with lots of little bunches of baggies and whatnot, and I had ended up with a drawerful. This is what it looked like AFTER I threw away all of the spilled, ripped, mutilated, unrecognizable, and outdated ones:
In my world, there's a fine line between "motivated" and "manic" and this set me off somehow...let's go with "motivated" shall we? I went to my spice cupboard (what I believe is a re-purposed ironing board cupboard, yeah - that's how old this house is.) and proceeded to throw out and empty all of the woefully outdated seasonings. (There was a tin of oregano my grandma had given me in 1990, when she helped me gather a box of kitchen stuff for my first apartment...) After a bunch of washing and drying, this is what I ended with:

In the process of weeding and re-filling bottles, I discovered this phenomenon:

You'd think I was some kind of cardamom fanatic or something! Anyway, the final product...YAY!

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