Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Karmic Biscotti Slap-down...

I love biscotti...but only if it is perfect, even before being dangerously soaked in my caffeinated elixir. The test is that first dry nibble. It has to be just right - crunchy, but not too hard to break with my front teeth.

Once I bought a pretty homemade biscotti at a local coffeeshop, and then discovered that the topping was FROSTING. I was ejected after I cried in outrage, "No, no, no, no NO! Frosting is not allowed on BISCOTTI!" (Not really, but I did almost cry.)

The only acceptable topper to a perfect biscotti is real, solid, chocolate. I will allow white chocolate, even though it is hardly chocolate at all...

So, karma, anyone? I'm trying to make biscotti for the Cafe.

This week's attempt was pretty good, if I do say so myself. The Cranberry White Chocolate Nut? Delicious! And Chocolate Candy Cane: brilliant holiday tie-in. And for the first two days, they passed the dry nibble test. Third day: too hard to bite comfortably with my front teeth. Boo!

If anyone has a recipe they swear by, or advice for me, will you please send it my way? I'll buy you a cuppa and let you taste-test the biscotti at Cafe Solstice for your trouble :-)

p.s. After I get a good run going, I am then going to try for vegan biscotti...

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